Sunday, February 21, 2010

Graduation at the School of Education


Time of graduation has come! It's time for celebration. Many of my former students graduated and I feel so strange. I really feel happy for them, but I also feel nostalgia because they left our classrooms; perhaps the same feeling mothers experience when children live home. A wonderful group of students indeed that I will never forget. Some graduated from the face-to-face annual program and others from the Distance Education one (EUS). Thanks to the Internet and the new technologies, I established a very good and close relationship with them, which made me become not only a better teacher but also a friend, living and sharing moments with my students that I will never forget, like having coffee with Natacha at the cafeteria and talking about children; having lunch with Luisana and her friends Neyda, Elsa, Chary and Nubia after our EUS session on Saturdays, for instance; chatting by Yahoo messenger at midnight with Jose Miguel Flores about his desire of learning English; reading and replying Maria Fernanda's or Arelis's emails concerned about their summaries; or the voice chats I had with Orieta who lived in Belgium while taking English III and who told me about her exciting experience learning several languages at the same time. Before starting the graduation ceremony, Orieta whispered in my ears with a sweet voice and mischievous smile: 'Teacher, I married a Belgium man last Friday!'. I was super happy with the news and gave her a big and warm hug.

That day was definitively very special, I was so excited every time I found one former student in the same auditorium wearing his/her graduation gown and cap, and enjoyed with them when they were called by their names. Yenifer Hernández was first. I was so happy to see her again because she lives in Colombia now. We keep in touch through Facebook. Belkys Torres, one of the best students I've ever had, was next. She received honors as the best student of the UCV. She reached the position No. 1 and the Summa Cum Laude recognition. How proud I was! I couldn't avoid crying. She is a person worthy of admiration, with a very humble soul and a strong spirit. I'm sure the Lord is with her and will be forever.

The ceremony was beautiful and full of exciting moments, as when the Graduation Godmother (professor Rosaura Escobar) and Godfather (Professor Pedro. C. Rodríguez) offered their heart-felt speeches and many of us left some tear drops fall down. However, the most touching moment for me was when Belkys Torres dedicated some words to Professor Elena Dorrego, one of the best UCV's professors we've had and who died recently.

Many sweet memories come to my mind when I see the pictures I took once and again. I'm sorry if I didn't mention you all. You can be sure I'll keep you in the bottom of my heart. Some students were missing in this ceremony, like Marcos Alonzo to whom I would have loved to see wearing the grad gown but he couldn't attend; I really missed him. He is a physiatrist and I will never forget he kindly helped my uncle with therapy before my uncle passed away. I will be grateful forever.
Other students couldn't finish their thesis on time to graduate but they will very soon and join the following graduation journey. I'll be waiting for them too with the same love to say 'Good bye'.

Congratulations dear colleagues! You've chosen the best profession of the world. May the Lord bless you! Let's keep in touch through Facebook. :-))

Below you will see some pics I took during your graduation.

Your teacher,

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Barcelona - Second virtual class on WiZiQ

Hi dear students!

The recordings of the Wiziq classes are already available. Just go to the corresponding box and click on the link. Then, log in with your email and password to get access the class recorded.

I was really sorry to know that many of you faced some problems to attend the class due to the new national electricity regulations; fortunately, the recordings are here.

My best wishes,

Inglés I

Inglés II

Inglés III