Tuesday, May 19, 2009

EUS Barcelona 2009-01

Hi dear all!

I started my journey again, and this time I went to Barcelona, Anzoategui State. It was a very exciting experience. First, I had to travel by bus. Then, I shared a hotel room with two colleagues. It was very nice indeed. We got together and went to the university. At first sight, I was shocked because my classroom didn't have any windows and I was going to spent 6 hours there. I didn't have any desk or chair, either; however, I didn't mind. It was great to be there meeting my new students. I was impressed when I asked them if they had email accounts and almost 100% answered 'Yes'. I was fascinated. I couldn't use the computer lab on Friday, because it was busy on that day, but I did on the following day with my English III course.
What a wonderful surprise!!! We had ten computers with Internet access available, Wi-Fi and a high speed connection!!! Wow, it was a dream.

I took my laptop and I could use all my materials with my students. I had the fortune to introduce them some Web 2.0 tools, give them a tour by the UCV Virtual Campus, talk to them about SEDUCV, show them some online works made by my former students and share some pics about other UCV sites in Venezuela. We created a Yahoo Group and inmediately started to use the ICT tools. I am very pleased with this first encounter and wish for the best. We are supposed to have a new face-to-face contact in three weeks, well, let´s see what happens...
Below you will see some pictures I took. Enjoy them! I promise to come back with more.;-)