Wednesday, November 18, 2009

My return to Barcelona

Hi dear all!

This past weekend I travelled to Barcelona, Anzoategui state, in order to start my three new English courses for this semester. It was a very nice experience indeed, in spite of the discomfort that an undergoing restoration can produce. I found a place full of dust but also a wonderful group of students waiting for me and eager to learn a new language.

The new classrooms are quite comfortable. We have air conditioning, good day and night illumination, spacious areas, broadband Internet connection, laptops and video beams. Doesn't it sound great? I couldn't offer the Moodle training I had promised to my students because our server in Caracas was down, but I could manage the whole class with my materials on the web.

Here you will see some pictures I took from the new site, my new courses and the lab, which is not available for the time being. I almost die when I saw what you will see in the pictures. Fortunately, the restoration works are almost getting to the end.