Tuesday, June 30, 2009

WiZiQ second experience - EUS Barcelona

Hi dear all:

I am so happy to tell you that our second experience in WiZiQ was great! My students were more familiar with the virtual room and were relaxed during the class. We didn't face any technical problems but the normal limitations, which we could manage very well. In Barcelona, there were several power cuts during the class, but my students remained and came back. Some of them had cameras and mics, so it was very exciting to see them and listen to their comments and questions.

This time, we also had some visitors. We met students and teachers from India, Colombia, Ecuador and USA. I was very happy to see my students interacting with them.

Below you will find the recordings for the three classes. Please, remember, you have to wait between 30 and 45 minutes for the class to start. The first part was dedicated to check audio and video. You might not want to spend your time in that, might you? ;-).


Inglés I

Inglés II

Inglés III

Saturday, June 6, 2009

EUS Barcelona in WiZiQ - What a great experience!

Hi dear all!

I am so glad to share these three recordings of my first virtual classes in WiZiQ carried out this weekend with my EUS students from Barcelona-Anzoategui State. It was a totally new experience for them. They were nervous and anxious to see how this worked, and so I was, he he, although I have used WiZiQ for several years.

Since most students had problems to follow WiZiQ instructions in English; I was forced to create a tutorial for them, which was very useful indeed.

I had decided to take 30 minutes at the beginning of each class to check audio and video settings; however, it took us about 45 minutes to start every class. We faced some tech problems at the beginning, but we managed them very well. Most students got familiar with the platform and enjoyed the class, others had to deal with slow Internet connection and no audio devices available which made them feel a little bit frustrated. I hope they can handle it much better next time.

As you might know, these classes were public, so anyone might join the session, and it actually happened. On Saturday morning, we had some foreign visitors joining the session. It must have been a surprise for my students to listen to me speaking English in their virtual class. I just image what they thought. :-) I must confess our visitors were very polite. I loved that!

Once I finished the third class, I was reflecting on this WiZiQ experience and I was very happy, in spite of all tech difficulties we might have faced. I know there are many ways to improve future sessions, especially adding more dynamism to some activities. I wonder how I would, because it has to do with reading. I am seriously thinking about it. What I know is there are many ways to teach reading and having fun at the same time. I think the board must be one of the WiZiQ resources to be exploited, as well as the text chat; considering that just a few students used a mic.

Listening to myself, I realized this is a good exercise to confirm teachers make mistakes too. I found some around there, he he. I am so sorry! :-( It was not planned, but happened. Teaching in WiZiQ for the first was not an easy task. It was like being an orchestra conductor. As online teachers, we have to pay attention to the lesson plan, observe students joining the session, check if they have headsets or speakers, upload the materials, keep track of the time, control the chat and students participation, look at the camera, etc. But, once you've done it a couple of times it turns easier.

Below you will find the recordings. If you are one of my students and missed the class, please go on up to slides 10 or 12 directly,perhaps more. Remember, the first slides are dedicated to check audio and video settings. You might not want to spend some time there.

Just to add a few words more, I asked my students to take some pictures attending the class. Some of them did and promised to email the pics to me very soon. I am looking forward to seeing and sharing them with you.

You are all invited to leave comments. Thanks!!!

English I

Inglés II

Inglés III