Thursday, January 24, 2008

What is there beyond the English classroom walls?

Dear UCV students:

Those of you, who have been in my classes during the last three years, may have lived the experience of learning English by using different Web tools or virtual learning environments. You know very well that, besides teaching, exploring the Web is one of my passions. Some of you must have experienced the use of Yahoo Groups, Moodle, Wikis, Web browsers, forums, voice and text Chats, videos and other tools. However, we've never had a space to share those experiences together: undergraduate and graduate students, those who major in Education and those who take a master or doctorate program in the Humanities and Education Faculty, those who take or have taken a master program in English as a Foreign Language and those who study the language for the first time, those who have face-to-face classes and those who take distance programs, adolescents and adults, all, as a large family. That's the reason why I created this blog. You've been my inspiration.

If you have not been my student, you might be asking why this is so. Perhaps, you've seen my students enthusiastically or desperate trying to find a lab or a cyber to join a Chat or upload their homeworks. Why? Is there much more after the English class? What is there beyond the English classroom walls? As a language teacher and a WWW user, I can provide you with many answers; but only you, as a student, by living your own experience, can tell me in your own words all marvelous things that can be discovered behind the English classroom walls and much further. It is not only learning the language, it is exploring what is beyond, what you can use when the English class or course is over.

Learning how to use Web tools is one of those discoveries. From one side of the classroom, it can be seen as a mysterious and complicated world; but, from the other side, it can be seen as a fascinating world to deepen what has been studied in class, communicate with other classmates, exchange information, explore tech tools, and being creative.

This blog offers you a window to the WWW, which I call 'Wonderful Web World'. I hope it becomes your favorite space to communicate your ideas and thoughts on how learning English by using Web tools is. You are invited to share with the whole world what you´ve found interesting or exciting within and beyond the English classroom walls.

Since it is my first blogging experience and perhaps yours, please let's be considerate and patience if some things are out of place.

Time has come! Welcome to this wonderful blogging experience!!!

Your teacher,


P.S. The students in the photo belonged to my Inglés Instrumental II course in 2007-01