Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Why do we have to teach technology in schools?

English teachers have always characterized for being innovators. For many decades, perhaps centuries, we've been changing, transforming, adapting and creating new ways of improving our teaching practice, including the use of different types of technologies in our language classrooms. In the 21st century, things wouldn't have to be different. In fact, the use of new technologies such as Web 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0 have revolutionated the language teaching world thanks to the multiple possibilities for language learning, language exchange and collaborative work.

If you are a language learner, you might be thinking why you have to learn by using tech tools. If you are a language teacher, not very familiar with technology, you may be probably wondering why we have to incorporate technologies in the classroom and what their benefits are. And, if you are a technogeek there is a lot you can say about. In any case, you are cordially invited to watch the following video, make your reflections and write your comments below.
Eve :-)

Sunday, March 2, 2008

I've won a scholarship to attend the WorldCall 2008 Conference in Japan!!!!!!!


The WorldCALL 2008 Scholarship Committe has announced today its final decision.

Read what was published on their official site:

'We had an extremely difficult time deciding the awardees. Many highly qualified applicants had to be turned down purely because of budgetary constraints. Our goal was to decide on individuals who met these criteria:
  • People who have been active in CALL (not just language pedagogy or administration) as evidenced by recent publications, presentations or on-going projects.

  • People who exhibited in their "Statements of Purpose" a clear goal for their attendance at WorldCALL 2008 and a plan to disseminate the knowledge so gained upon their return home.

  • People who represent a wide spectrum of geographical areas, balanced by gender and years of experience.

  • Geographical selection was also, to some extent, determined in proportion to the number of applications from that area of the world.

Congratulations to those who have been selected. At the same time, we thank those who applied and sincerely regret that they, too, could not be included.

Thomas Robb, Ph.D., Chair, WorldCALL 2008 Scholarship Committee
The Awardees

Cruvinel Teixeira Alves, Erika Brazil (Webhead)
Elramady, Asem Aly Elsaid Egypt
Fang, Ying China
Fawzi, Hala Sudan (Webhead)
Isharyanti, Neny Indonesia
Izquierdo, Evelyn Venezuela (Webhead)
Kilickaya, Ferit Turkey
Lyulkun, Nina Russia (Webhead)
Marandi, Susan Iran (Webhead)
Mo, Jinguo China
Quintana, Nelba Argentina (Webhead)
Verschoor, Jennifer Argentina (Webhead)
Viswanathan, Revathi India

The WorldCALL 2008 Conference will bring together experts and practitioners in Computer-Assisted Language Learning from around the world.'

If you want to read more, please go to http://wc3scholar.info/ and http://www.j-let.org/~wcf/modules/tinyd0/

I want to share this award with all of you. You've been my inspiration.
Thanks my Lord, thank you!!!!!!

Special thanks to: Webheads in Action; Dr. Dafne González (Webhead-USB professor); Professor Rebecca Beke (EFL Master's program UCV); Dr. Ruth Díaz (School of Education-UCV); Professor Teadira Pérez (Language School, ULA-Merida); the British Council in Venezuela; UCV colleagues; Avealmec members; and, of course, all my students who have kindly joined me in exploring the Wonderful Web World (WWW).