Monday, October 6, 2008

Do you have a Second Life?

Hi dear friends:

Have you ever heard about Second Life?

I'm not referring to any religious term. I refer to the Web 3.0
Second Life is an amazing 3D virtual space where teachers and students have great opportunities to be creative. In Second Life teachers have the chance to design and create their own teaching materials with just a click. It's really fun! Below you will find some pictures of a Spanish teacher training.

Here is a class with Nelba Quintana, an English teacher from Universidad de la Plata-Argentine. She is developing a game with cubes of different colors.

This is a class with Jennifer Verschoor, a Business English teacher from Buenos Aires -Argentine. She is presenting different kinds of shapes.

Here we are carefully paying attention to teacher Mariale who explains the use of subject pronouns in Spanish.

Here, teacher Dafne González, from Universidad Simón Bolívar, explains how to teach nationalities in Second Life.

Below you see my first mini class in SL. I taught genre and some adjectives. I uploaded images in two TV screens. Teachers Mariale, Magaly and Dafne pretend to be my Spanish students.

Snapshot taken by Dafne González

Here you will see more snapshots taken by Prof. Dafne González (USB), our Spanish teacher trainer.

How to enter Second Life? To join Second Life you just need to download the program and install it in your computer. It is totally free. Then, you have to create your avatar and name it. As soon as your avatar is ready you can start discovering this fantastic 3D-virtual world.

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